Bitcoin's energy problem could make the XRP rise.


Anwar Hasan, a professor at the University of Waterloo, shared heralded news for XRP investors as a result of Ripple's research, conducted through a partnership with the blockchain Research Authority and Research Associate Crystal Roma.

Studying the effects of Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies on the planet, Hasan noted that Ripple tends to attract more and more users in both the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector every day. XRP may receive more use of Bitcoin among institutions in the long term, Hasan said, explaining that BTC's main problem is energy.

"Bitcoin Consumes A Lot Of Energy”

The energy used by bitcoin is equivalent to the annual energy of a country like Austria, he said, although BTC is now popular because of energy over time 2. he said he was going to go to plan. He said the BTC network and miners produce 22 megatons of carbon dioxide a year, which is essentially equal to the harmful gases produced by the city of Las Vegas.

According to the academic, This Will Make the XRP stand out in the long run as a more energy-efficient cryptocurrency. Especially when businesses will start using XRP, he says, blockchain technology is being held back because of energy consumption and this could change with XRP.

In fact, the issue of Bitcoin's energy consumption has been raised a lot in the past and it has been stressed that this is the biggest obstacle to BTC's adaptation. However, this energy for the security of the BTC network is known to be sine qua non and no solution has been developed yet.