The Fold app's debit card has gained Visa support.


Visa, one of the world's largest payment and card firms, has slowly begun to take steps in favour of BTC, even though it once painted a completely contrasting image to cryptocurrencies and leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). Lightning Network managed to get the support of Fold da visa, a compatible mobile application. 

Visa-Based Cryptocurrency Cards Are On The Rise

Fold is actually an app that allows a Bitcoin prize to be won when shopping, and app managers have made the decision in recent months to dump it on their debit card. The announcement of the card, which has the Visa brand, indicates that the plans have gone successfully. Fold CEO Will Reves said Visa's financial support was very important.

The CEO stated that bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, can be used for daily purchases through this card and users will make money from it, and said that transactions will take place very quickly thanks to the Lighning compatible wallet.

In fact, cryptocurrency-based debit cards are known as one of the most popular initiatives of recent times. One of the first to launch this movement is the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, known as the Coinbase Card. Binance cryptocurrency exchange recently made a similar attempt to show that the sector will see more developments in the future.

At first, it was stated that it was issued in partnership with Visa, and then the removal of the phrase Visa on the Binance Card attracted the reaction of investors.