One of the most widely used terms in the entrepreneurial ecosystem is “unicorn enterprise”. So, what does unicorn enterprise mean?


The property values of unicorn Ventures to be $ 1 billion or more. American celebrity investor Aileen Lee, who is also the founder of Cowboy Ventures, first used the term in her article “Welcome to the Unicorn Club: Learning Form Million Dollar Startups” published in TechCrunch in 2013. This term, which has been adopted by all stakeholders of the enterprise ecosystem since then, is used extensively today. 

Unicorn Ventures In Turkey

Unfortunately, so far, no unicorn initiative has emerged from Turkey. The closest Turkish initiative to the Unicorn initiative is Yemeksepeti.

Examples Around The World

Venture companies like Apple, Microsoft and Google, founded in Silicon Valley in the US, have enjoyed rapid growth thanks to investors and become today's Giants. These were developments in the late '80s and' 90s. But since the 2000s there has been incredible growth in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Since 2010, that growth has accelerated multiple times, and the number of billion-dollar startups has skyrocketed. As the entrepreneurial wind hardened, there was also a boom in the number of unicorn startups, and unicorn startups became the most powerful actors of the economy in the United States and China.

There are currently 236 unicorn companies in the world, according to the latest data from CB Insight. The total value of these companies is calculated to be $ 811 billion.

The leader of this issue is predictably the United States. According to the shared data, there are currently 116 unicorn startups in the United States. The United States is followed by China. Besides the United States and China, initiatives from countries such as India, Britain, Singapore, South Korea, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Brazil, Indonesia have earned themselves a place in the rankings.

The most valuable unicorn venture is Uber. Uber, which has changed what is known in Turkey and started to be very popular in Istanbul, is at its peak with a market value of $ 68 billion. Uber is followed by Chinese startups such as Didi Chuzing, Xiaomi, China Internet conglomerate, the transport initiative. In fifth place is Airbnb, which serves accommodation and has a value of $ 29.3 billion.