What is DREP Coin?

What is DREP Coin?


DREP is the local currency of DREP Foundation and qualifies as a blockchain-based token. 

The DREP platform aims to create “connectors” and “toolsets” based on Blockchain technology. In doing so, DREP combines ease of use, flexibility and solutions without friction.

DREP Foundation is basically based on DREP Chain, DREP ID, DREP Reputation Protocol and DREP SDK.

DREP Coin review

Before we move on to titles like” DREP Coin comment “or” DREP coin news, " it's worth taking a look at what Drep coin is and what the platform is doing.

One of the cornerstones of the platform, DREP Chain is described as a high-performance public blockchain designed entirely by the DREP team. According to the statements made, DREP Chain works in accordance with smart contracts in the EVM and WASM format with a double-layer structure consisting of Root chains and sub-chains.

In addition, to improve data privacy protection, DREP Chain adopts the use of homomorphic encryption to protect users ' sensitive information.

On the other hand, the platform also features a game called “DREP Mining”, which is a track game and is based on the DREP SDK. Users who evaluate various scenarios with this game can both have fun and win via the DREP token.

According to the platform's descriptions, DREP is basically trying to solve three problems:

• Poor overall chain performance and poor developer experience

• Segregated public chain ecosystems and small user bases

• Mismatch between Blockchain technology and enterprise needs

Among the user comments is that the problems that DREP platform is trying to solve are very important and the platform is promising for this reason.

In addition to all this, DREP is the local currency of the DREP Foundation and qualifies as a blockchain-based token. According to the statements made, DREP coin is used as the main currency in transaction fees on the platform, transactions between sub-chains, transactions related to all data on the network, pre-sales, DREP games, and will continue to be used in the future.

In addition, DREP mainnet was realized in 2020, and therefore there were increases in interest that investors thought the token would increase.


It seems that people who want to evaluate DREP Foundation's cryptocurrency DREP coin as an investment tool are trading with the DREP/USDT trading pair. Looking at the DREP/USDT trading pair, it can be stated that 1 DREP coin was traded with 0.002941 tether (USDT) at the time of the publication of the article.

DREP Coin Price

According to CoinMarketCap data, at the time of publication, the token was trading at $ 0.0029 in DREP USD parity. In addition, it is worth noting that in the DREP BTC transaction pair, the token is traded with 0.00000025 BTC.

On March May 13, 2020, DREP coin saw the lowest level with $ 0.0006, while on May 21, 2019, it also saw the highest level with $ 0.0058. Also 488 in DREP coin's market volume ranking with 11.654.846 USD. it is also worth noting that he is next.

How to buy DREP Coin?

With Binance, the world's largest trading exchange, you can buy DREP coin quickly and safely.